Free Health Talk Tue Feb 26 7PM

Come and learn how to speed up your fat burning results with the Meta Switch program Tuesday February 26, 2019 from 7-8pm  at FitYourWay Wellness Centre Ltd.
MetaSwitch Weight Loss Wakes Up Your Sleepy Metabolism Without Raising Your Heart Rate Or Blood Pressure! Learn more, learn how to loose inches, learn how to activate your "skinny" gene!!

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Feel great. Look great. Your way.

Unit 102/103 - 5301 Chaster Road | DUNCAN

T. (778) 677-3749

State of the Art Equipment

From Matrix© cycles to an innovative flooring solution that helps absorb impact and provides resilience -- FitYourWay brings it all to you!

Weight Management

Making Meta-Switch part of your daily routine will help assist you with your weight management in a healthy manner – with no caffeine or other stimulants.

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Rediscover a healthy lifestyle balance or explore new ways of enhancing your wellness with Meta-Switch program,