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FitYourWay features body composition analysis with our FitScan perfect tool for monitoring the effectiveness of any fitness or health program. This 8 electrode Body Composition Monitor displays 20 readings; 10 whole body AND 10 segmental (arms, legs and trunk area) so you can see exactly how your body is responding to specific training and lifestyle changes. From tracking body fat and muscle mass trends, to analyzing your BMR and indicating hydration levels the FitScan helps you tailor your exercise and dietary requirements to achieve your goals. 

FitScan Segmental Body Composition Monitoring for only $25+tax

Measurements Include: Weight, Body fat %, Body water %, Muscle mass, Daily Caloric Intake, Metabolic age, Bone mass, Visceral fat rating, Physique Rating, Body Mass Index

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Gluthatione Benefits for Athletic Performance & Recovery

Glutathione as you may know, is a molecule that your body makes inside every single cell. And some cells have a whole lot more than others.
Within 10 minutes of doing aerobic activity, the amount of glutathione in your muscle cells (the cells that you’re exercising) goes down by about 40%.
There are four "4" primary things that glutathione does within the cell that are critical for cellular functioning, cellular vitality & health:

  1. It’s the primary anti oxidant inside of every cell you make and you make it yourself.
  2. It’s the primary anti inflammatory of every single cell in your body
  3. It’s the primary detoxifier of the cells in your body.
  4. It directly supports the production of ATP which are the energy packets that every cell uses for all of its functioning.